Program Reports

To ensure public accountability, Home Forward is committed to openly studying and reporting the results of our programs and services. You can download these reports here.

Dashboard Report

Home Forward produces a monthly central reporting tool called a Dashboard Report to provide a snapshot of the status and activity of the agency's programs. Items tracked in this report include number of property and voucher units, demographic information, waiting list numbers, financial performance, and activity in services and development projects. To view these monthly reports click here.

Strategic Plans

In 2016, Home Forward introduced a Strategic Plan that will guide our work through 2020.  The plan reflects a strong, overarching commitment to do everything we can to help our community address its critical affordable housing needs, both through our major preservation efforts as well as the creation of hundreds of new places to call home.

The plan also reflects our recognition that how we do our work is as important as what we do.  We’ll deepen our efforts around equity, racial justice and trauma-informed practice.  We’ll strengthen partnerships that improve educational outcomes for kids and increase access to health care supports that help people thrive.  View Home Forward's Strategic Plan here.  

Moving to Work Annual Plan and Report

Since April 1, 1999, Home Forward has been operating as a HUD-designated Moving to Work (MTW) agency. MTW goals emphasize increased agency cost-effectiveness, increased resident self-sufficiency, and increased housing choice for low-income families. The MTW designation allows a housing authority to intermingle its operating subsidies, capital allocations, and Section 8 tenant-based assistance in conducting its operations as long as it houses basically the same resident profile as pre-MTW designation. To read more about MTW and the full text of our most recent MTW Annual Plan and Report, click here.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funding

Like all housing authorities, Home Forward received funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to use on capital projects in its public housing portfolio. We also received more than $2 million for a variety of efforts to prevent homelessness. To view information on how and where Home Forward invested its recovery act funding, click here.

HOPE VI Program Reports

Home Forward is quite proud of the work that we have accomplished with the help of our first two HOPE VI federal grants.  These two grants allowed the development of the New Columbia neighborhood and the Humboldt Gardens apartment community. A final development report was generated for these two projects, which can be found on their respective pages: